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Sharyn Maceren - In My Nighttime Land (CD 2008) Planet Hype Records

Sharyn Maceren - In My Nighttime Land (CD 2008) Planet Hype Records

# Audio CD (April 22, 2008)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Planet Hype
# ASIN: B00182DCWC


01.Sharyn Maceren - In My Nighttime Land.mp3
02.Sharyn Maceren - Don'tcha Know.mp3
03.Sharyn Maceren - Boys Will Be Boys.mp3
04.Sharyn Maceren - U Love Me Good.mp3
05.Sharyn Maceren - Want It Want It.mp3
06.Sharyn Maceren - Connected.mp3
07.Sharyn Maceren - Sweetest Days.mp3
08.Sharyn Maceren - Can U Wait.mp3
09.Sharyn Maceren - Love Songs.mp3
10.Sharyn Maceren - Hope.mp3
11.Sharyn Maceren - Mate To My Soul.mp3
12.Sharyn Maceren - Sweet Nothings.mp3
13.Sharyn Maceren - Up In My Room.mp3
14.Sharyn Maceren - Come To Me.mp3
15.Sharyn Maceren - Gonna Give.mp3
16.Sharyn Maceren - Wishlist.mp3
17.Sharyn Maceren - Sharyn Uncovered 2.mp3

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FREESTYLE - Vol 35 Special Edition [2008] ZYX Music

FREESTYLE - Vol 35 Special Edition [2008] ZYX Music


01. Johnny O – Scream
02. Miss Kay – Sweet Sweet Lover
03. Damiroquai – Hazy Dream
04. Najibo – Wrong
05. Johnny O – To The Top
06. Miss Kay – Passion
07. Mystical – Hunters
08. Tobak – Right Night
09. Jonny Lee – Two Years
10. Dolicia Paris – Take Your Time
11. Miss Kay – Jeu De Vie
12. Damiroquai – Black Tomcat
13. The Future – Apollo Star


Anspieltipps aus dem neuen Johnny O Album „Peace On Earth 2012“
01. King Of Kings
02. Can I Get A Miracle
03. Rapture Me

Bonus DVD:

01. Johnny O - Scream (Making of "Peace On Earth 2012")
02. Johnny O - Runaway Love
03. Johnny O - Highways Of Love with Memories
04. Johnny O - I`m So In Love
05. Johnny O - Fantasy Girl
06. Ximena - Who`s Cryin` Now?
07. Nicki Daniels feat. Aleka K. - Let Me See You Fly
08. Nicki Daniels - Bewegt Euch!
09. Dolicia Paris - Ou La La La (Play My Song)

Freestyle - Vol.35 Special Edition
2,45 GB
FREESTYLE - Vol 35 Special Edition [E-F-C] rar
68,11 MB
Freestyle Vol 35 Special Edition DVD Untouched iso
2,38 GB
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2,45 GB

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MegaMixes do Campeonato Radio FreeStyleBrasil 2005

MegaMixes Do Campeonato Radio FreeStyleBrasil 2005

1º Colocado - Mega DJ Bac Champion 2005 (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (6:21)
2º Colocado - Mega DJ Alex (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:48)
3º Colocado - Mega DJ Thunder (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (5:14)
4º Colocado - Mega DJ Sames (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:28)
5º Colocado - Mega DJ Kbello (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:34)
6º Colocado - Mega DJ Adrianodezz (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:33)
7º Colocado - Mega DJ Ney (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:54)
8º Colocado - Mega DJ Rogério Rocha (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:05)
9º Colocado - Mega DJ Osmar (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:42)
10º Colocado - Mega DJ Dentinho (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (5:25)
11º Colocado - Mega DJ Bruno Sardinha (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (7:43)
12º Colocado - Mega DJ Velinha (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (6:56)
13º Colocado - Mega DJ Bigo (Web Radio Freestyle Brasil) (5:46)

MicMac BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 1, 2 & 3

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MicMac BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 1


Own This Great Double CD Mixed by DJ Baron Lopez

CD DISC 1 Contains
2. ABBY LYNN "No More Tears"
3. BODY & STYLE "Listen To My Cries"
4. SOAVE "Crying Over You"
6. ANGIE "Kiss Me Touch Me"
7. EXO "Why Did You Do It"
8. TONASIA "Wondering"
9. TIANA "First True Love"
10. DAVID "No Regrets"
11. & MORE "You'll Never FindAnother Love"
12. & MORE "Soul On Fire"
13. CHARLIE ROCK "Missing You"
14. CHARLIE BABIE "In The Name Of Love"
15. TONASIA "Games Of Love"
16. DAVE MENDEZ "THEN Radio Edit"

17 Commercial

Own This Great Double CD Mixed by DJ Baron Lopez

Listen To The Mickey Garcia Radio Edit…”Click Here"

CD DISC 2 Contains
1. TRuVOICES "Dedicated"
3. ARTIE & ABY "Sinful Eyes"
4. GREY "Never Surrender"
5. ARTIE & JUDY TORRES "A Man With A Dream"
7. EXO "Why Did You Do It" REMIX
8. DJ CSI feat ALLISON "I Wont Say Goodbye"
9. INTONATION feat JOEE "Better Then You"
10. ZOE "All Alone"
11. NICK COLON "Release Me"
13. NU_IMAGE "Theres No Love"
14. TWO WITHOUT HATS "Try Yazz (Again)'
15. WILLIE VALENTIN "No Matter What"
16. RUBEN GONZALEZ "You'll Never Know"
17. JOEY ALTURA feat POZE "You Are The Only One"
18. DAVE MENDEZ "NOW Radio Edit"
19. Commercial

MicMac BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 2
BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 2

Own This Great Double CD

CD DISC 1 Contains
2. & MORE “Materalistic Girl”
3. TPE “Then Came You”
4. NYASIA “Now & Forever”
5. MARIA NICHOLE “Give A Little Love”
6. JOHNNY O “Fantasy Girl”
7. FACE “Forever Yours”
8. CLEAR TOUCH “Surrender Your Love”
9. CYNTHIA “Endless Night”
10. DAVID “I’m Not Gonna Cry Over You”
11. MARIBEL “Don’t Make Me Promises”
12. CYNTHIA / JOHNNY O “Dream Boy/Dream Girl”
13. TONASIA “Tears Of Tears”
14. EILEEN FLORES “Touch Me With Your Heart”
15. SOLID “Loving You”
16. RIOS SISTERS “Are You Looking For Love”
17. DJ Steve Callo Bonus Edit
18 Steve Callo Radio Edit

Own This Great Double CD

CD DISC 2 Contains
1. NYASIA “Love & Harmony”
2. ASHA “Touch The Sky”
3. I R I S “Let’s Run Away”
4. JENNIFER C. “Something About You”
5. ZOE “Innocent”
6. JOHNNY O “Fantasy Girl” Giuseppe D. Remix
7. LISCYN “I Can’t Change Your Mind”
8. DANIELLE SIMEONE “When Will You Love Me”
9. STEFANO "I Wonder Why"
10. AYNA “GOD Give Me Strength”
11. ABY formerly of TKA “Right State Of Mind”
12. THIAGO DERUCIO “There's Nothing”
13. LEGIT “After All These Years”
14. RICKY VAZZ “See My Tears”
15. EXO “It’s Just Begun”
16. ASHLEY “Why Did You Deceive Me”
17. NU_IMAGE “Who’s Gonna Give You Love”
18. DAVID “Seven Days A Week”
19. DJ Paradise Radio Edit

MicMac BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 3

BANGIN' BEATS "Then & Now" VOL 3

Own This Great Double CD

CD DISC 1 Contains
1.JUDY TORRES “Holding On”
2.CHARLIE ROCK “Listen To Your Heart”
3.NYASIA “Who’s Got Your Love”
4.CLEAR TOUCH “Falling Angel”
5.POSE “It’s Not Over”
6.EILEEN FLORES “I Have Dreams”
7.CYNTHIA “Love Me Tonight”
8.SOAVE “If You Want Me”
9.LAURA ENEA “Can We Find A Way”
10.WENDY “I Want You Back”
11.EXO “Do Or Die”
12.JOHNNY O “Highways Of Love”
14.CHARLIE BABIE “You Take Me Higher”
15.CYNTHIA “Thief Of Hearts”
16.TIANA “Tell Me Why”
17.JAMES ANTHONY “Short Mega Mix”

Own This Great Double CD

CD DISC 2 Contains
1.KATIANA “Only In My Dreams”
2.ANGEL M “All Alone”
3.ASHA “Fly”
4.2 A.M.”Summer Love”
5.THIAGO DERUCIO “Time Passes By”
6.DANIELLE SIMEONE “Everything Inside Me”
7.GIORGIO “Feel Like An Angel”
8.ZOE -I Will Die For You”
9.ELISSA “The Truth”
10.LAURA “In Your Arms”
11.ANJAY “Yesterday”
12.MIA “You Are My Love”
13.AVEDIS “Let Me Be The One”
14.MILES PETTY “Close Your Eyes”
15.MARILYN DIA “Don’t Say Goodbye”
16.DJ BRYSKI “Short Mega Mix”

made with djadrianodez In The Mix